Hotels & Restaurants

Photography for Restaurants and Hotels

Mitchell Canoff Photography works with restaurants and hotels to to create visual personality, set mood and decorate interiors.

If you are purchasing for a hospitality facility, take a look at the rock and roll energy of the original Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards raising the roof. Prints are available in any size required for a room suite, multi-purpose room, lobby or hallway.

If the goal is to keep the guests focused on the cuisine, take a look at Mitchell Canoff abstracts. The imagery will lend a sophisticated taste and tease the visual palette.

Mitchell Canoff’s offers a variety of flowers to bring life into any facility, entrance or meeting room. Prints are custom made as a series of black and white matching sets or in full color with bursts of rich hues.

Travel destinations offer powerful decorative options for motels, casinos and food service establishments. Look at the photographs from Mexico and Havana.

America’s National Parks are a crowd pleasing visual escape. In the Death Valley images you will find a hot way to stimulate your guest’s experience. The Great Sand Dunes provide options for rocks, tall dunes and waves of sand.

Finally, movement is expressed quickly with photographs of dancers. Mitchell Canoff’s dance series is called moves and the flowing motion of body, mind and spirit will promote just the right emotional experience for any hotel or restaurant decor.