Interior Design

Originals and Prints for Interior Designers

Mitchell Canoff Photography works with interior designers to assist them and their clients in creating spaces they can love, feel at home in and be inspired by.

Hotels appreciate the rock and roll energy of classic prints of the Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in iconic performance poses. Prints in any size required bring any hospitality suite, guest room or lobby to life.

The mood defining abstracts will add a calm sophistication to a home, second home or any commercial interior.

Mitchell Canoff’s series of flowers will brighten a den, a porch or any room with an array of colors. The series is available in black and white as well to mute the mood or create an artistic warmth.

Location photos from Mexico and Havana offer an escape for the viewer. They bring an interior to another world, making the space exciting.

Arresting landscapes from several National Parks work in every setting. The Death Valley images evoke waves of sand from southern California. The Great Sand Dunes pictures showcase the tall rocks, dunes and more.

And the dance series called moves will help a room, a wall or a hallway flow with passion.